BystanderRev2It’s a fact, many people will turn a blind eye when they witness negative behavior.

Whether it is online or in a school hallway or in the workplace — it is easier (or safer) to walk away than to risk getting involved.

It is no different than not wanting to get involved in being a witness to a car accident or any other situation that may put you in a difficult or precarious situation.

Who will be the one to take a chance on you?  Have you thought about that?

What if you are the one being teased?  What if you are the one that are feeling blue or simply having a bad day — you need a lift?

What if people in your life decided to walk-by you and not give you a second glance?

It is time to stop being bystanders and learn to STAND-UP and LIFT-UP others around you.

Make it a goal everyday to make at least one person smile.  Write kind words on someone’s Facebook timeline.  Tweet-out a cheerful quote and post a bright picture.  Let’s start and end everyday by spreading a bit of nice-ness to others.  It is bound to bounce back to us!

Join the Bystander Revolution!

What can one person do to help? Thoughts from 28 of the first contributors to Bystander Revolution—a crowd-sourced collection of simple things you can do to take the power out of bullying. Whether you’re feeling hesitant or ready to step in, someone has posted a video about something you can do today to make a real difference.