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Parents know the importance of protecting their children from danger. It’s practically embedded in their DNA. That’s why parents put plug covers on outlets when they have toddlers in the house, keep car keys away from elementary school kids, and maintain a home security system to safeguard their children from burglars at night. So why […]

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There’s one thing that all tweens have in common: They try to act like grownups. That means that they want to go to sleepovers, talk to their friends on the phone, and stay out as long as they can get away with. Another way they attempt to mirror adult behavior is to chat with people […]

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It is one of the most frequent comments I hear from parents today – their teen is addicted to the Internet – and mainly to the social networking. I often want to ask the parent what their social networking habits are?  Remember, our kids are always watching us. Does your teen’s life revolve around Facebook? […]

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AT&T Commissioned Poll on Families’ Mobile Behavior Sheds Light on Rules-Setting and Bullying; AT&T Offers Modern Tools to Help Manage The AT&T Mobile Safety study of 1,000 parents and 500 children by GfK shows that there’s an opportunity for parents and kids to have more discussions about the sometimes contentious topic of mobile phones. Surprisingly, […]

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The Internet is here to stay and only expanding by the day! The social media heyday shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and likely will just continue to gain speed and momentum as it appeals to younger and younger audiences; however it can’t go unnoticed that the values it’s teaching our children […]

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In 1990 the United States Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to ensure “access to employment, state and local government programs and services, access to places of public accommodations, transportation, non-profit service providers and telecommunications” for those with disabilities. Under this law, websites for local and state government must also be […]

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We are becoming a broken record as we try to explain to our kids what they post online can potentially affect their future. The Internet is a wonderful educational tool but can also work against us if not properly used. The dangers of technology, especially for kids and teens, has been in the media for […]

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What kids do online have real world consequences – do they realize that? The answer is probably not surprising to many parents.  Most kids and teenagers do not think of the consequences when they post what  they believe are silly comments or funny photos today. Everyday a parent somewhere is faced with a question from […]

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These days, Twitter is becoming a major part of how professionals in nearly all fields communicate and academia has been no exception. Professors, researchers, and experts of all kinds are using the social media site to connect with other professionals, share research, teach students, and even, strange as it might sound, do serious academic research. […]

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You probably already have a few pretty good ideas about text messaging. For instance, you know walking while texting can be tricky, and you know texting in your college courses has a negative impact on your grades. You didn’t need a study to tell you so, but researchers went ahead and did them anyway. But […]