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Facebook now claims more than 900 million members, and unfortunately some of those individuals have malicious intentions. Members must remain vigilant about their security and privacy settings to protect themselves from identity theft and potential predators. Facebook has a Privacy Settings page that allows users to customize their experience by choosing who can search for […]

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Online defamation has become increasingly prevalent in the past several years, necessitating legal action in many cases. Social networking and blogging have led to a sharp increase in online defamation, especially since many individuals believe the Internet to be an unregulated frontier. Courts have consistently affirmed that libel regulations apply to online content just as […]

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Many parents are concerned about what their children are exposed to online but don’t have a clear understanding of what the dangers are or how to prevent them. Especially because of the popularity of social networking, parents must play a proactive role in protecting their children on the Internet. To promote safe online behavior, parents […]