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We often read about teens and troubling headlines such as bullying, cyberbullying, sexting is on the rise or other negative behavior. Recently when Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project released their survey after interviewing 10,000 middle and high school students about what they believed matters most to their parents (achievement and happiness) – which was followed […]

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With school out for the summer, no doubt kids will be spending more time online. And since June is National Internet Safety Month, this is the perfect time for parents to have a conversation with their children about online safety using the free BEaPROTM Parent app.  The BEaPRO Parent app, which stands for Balance, Ethics, […]

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In the summer heat, it’s easy to  understand why kids (and their parents) don’t want to be outside during the middle of the day. More free time spent inside during the summer, likely means more screen time for kids. Technology can help strengthen friendships and open a world of knowledge for our kids, but it calls for some […]

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Microsoft celebrates an online safety social media milestone! And I am so proud to be part of it as a key influencer! I am honored to be listed with people I respect and consider mentors: Anne Collier, Stephen Balkam, Larry Magid, danah boyd and Michael Kaiser. @Safer_Online is a community that promotes and supports online […]

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Courtesy of AT&T Smart Limits  

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As you get older, you soon realize that it is not the quantity of friends you have, it is the quality of them. You learn to separate your acquaintances from your good friends, and your childhood friends from your current friends. We also learn, as adults, that our friends can be a reflection of who […]

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Summer is approaching and whether you are a teen or parent, the fact remains – summer time is more screen time! Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or educator, you can keep up with the latest computer and online safety issues and help kids learn to avoid the real dangers that exist in their Internet-connected […]

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Guest post: As a father of three young kids, navigating the twists and turns of raising kids in our techno-centric society is something I grapple with on a daily basis. Amber Child Safety helps parents like me feel empowered by using state-of-the-art tools to protect my kids from dangers online, at home, at school, and […]

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Children usually have a stronger mastery of the Internet than their parents. It’s a simple fact. They’re faster with computers and more active online. Often times, we might not fully grasp how they’re communicating, the data they’re collecting or to what extend they pump personal information into the online abyss. Parents face a major challenge […]

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When you look in your living room, are your pre-teens immersed in a video game on a console, computer, or cellphone? Chances are, the games they’re playing have online connectivity. Gartner reports that a large portion of the $111 billion video game market consists of online games. 38 percent of minors enjoy video gaming as […]