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Maybe I’m being polite when I said, coming to terms with online embellishment, when I actual meant — social media fakes. People who post to social media about their wonderful lives when behind the screens, it is anything but roses and cherries. It’s always nice to see people posting about their new puppy or kitty they saved […]

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Today almost everyone, not only teenagers, are connected to social media. A Pew Research Center study found that 92 percent of U.S. teenagers use social networks at least once a day, with 24 percent reporting that they are online “almost constantly.” Adults love their social media too.  According to PEW Research Center study, 74 percent […]

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With the recent PEW Internet Survey released on May 21st, 2013, there were some new findings that should make parents happy and maybe not so thrilled at the same time. We found out that some teens are finally waking-up to the fact that their online reputation is critical to their future.  Another words, they are […]

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Special guest post by Roxanne Porter: I know that a lot of people love Facebook. They love that it can help them to stay connected to their friends. They love that it makes it easy to share their thoughts, feelings, and pictures. But Facebook has a dark side. It can be very damaging to people. […]

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Parents today have no shortage of things to worry about when it comes to the online world in which their kids are growing up. From online predators, to scam artists and explicit pages, the web houses many threats to today’s youth. However, in addition to these known digital dangers, parents should also be wary of […]