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This year Safer Internet Day falls on February 10, 2015.  Like Data Privacy Day in January, it is an opportunity to spend a little extra time to learn more about a place where more and more people are spending the majority of their time – the Internet. Online safety is a concern for all ages, […]

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#DPD15 is Wednesday, January 28, 2015 – although we should be aware of our online privacy all the time, it is always good to take a day to recognize the importance of our personal information digitally and how easy it is now for others to acquire it. Though there are so many areas to touch […]

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As I continue to write about bullying and cyberbullying, it never ceases to amaze me how many different ways people have discovered to hate others — whether it is on the playground or online, peer cruelty doesn’t seem to have any limits or boundaries. The irony of it is I read so much about youth bullying, […]

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I was asked by Dr. Greene, what I would like to see change for 2015, and for me, it was easy. It’s about time all schools require students to attend cyber-civics classes!  Yes, digital citizenship is as important today as Home Economics and Wood Shop was back in my generation.  The slight difference is – these […]

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The holidays are here, school is out and chances are good everyone is spending more time online or with family and friends. This can also mean there can be more exposure to people or trolls online that can be cruel or mean. Unfortunately mean-people, such as bullies and cyberbullies, don’t take holidays or vacations.  On the […]

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School will be out shortly, holidays are here and there will be more screen time for everyone. It’s not only about kids and teens, let’s remember parents will be just as busy with their digital devices.  Whether they are texting, ordering online or finding a recipe on Pinterest – there is no denying, everyone young […]

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Printed list below. The kids are so excited as they are starting their lists for Santa, parents are already stressing about the meals, travel plans, finances and of course – getting those holiday cards in the mail. I would bet the most excited people are the cyber-criminals!  This is their favorite time of year.  Why?  […]

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October is National Cyber Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM). Does your teen know more about technology than you do? It is time to catch up and be proactive in keeping your kids safe both online and off. When safety trumps privacy – be a parent in the know! Teens have access to unprecedented amounts of technology, […]

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The Internet is a part of everyone’s life on a daily basis. We use it at home, school, work and on the go. National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October) is an important reminder for parents to keep tabs of where and when their kids surf online. The knowledge and access the internet can provide is […]

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All my friends have a cell-phone, why can’t I? Everyone is on Facebook, why can’t I have an account? Even my friend’s younger sister is on Instagram, why can’t I? Parenting in today’s digital world is not easy.  Parent’s used to cringe at the pending sex chats, then we had the discussions about saying NO […]