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New data shows that two-thirds of teens surveyed say they have engaged in at least one risky behavior online. The survey1, commissioned by AT&T, polled New York City teens, parents of teens and millennial parents of younger children to gauge how children are consuming media on mobile devices – and what their parents understand of their behaviors. […]

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It’s a sea of sadness when we read headlines of peer cruelty, youth dying and the rise of incivility in our country today. Whether it’s offline, as in the school cafeteria or online, in the palm of your child’s hand, hate is hate and it’s killing our society. Dr. Michele Borba is a leading bullying […]

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There’s no better gift to give your mother than the gift of safety! Take the pledge!  In honor of Mother’s Day, AT&T  helps you give back. But in a different way. Together, let’s give the gift of safe driving. We see it on the roads each and every day. People glancing at their smartphones while behind […]

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Data Privacy Day is Thursday, January 28th, 2016. For people who are very cautious about their personal information and money, online shopping seems like not such a good idea at all. But if you choose not to shop online, you are missing many great things it can offer for you. Better relax and read the […]

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No one is in the dark about the selfie generation. It seems everywhere we go people have their phones in place taking photos of themselves — and posting them on various social platforms. We’ve read that some forms of selfie love can be about building a teen’s self esteem, however in many situations it goes […]

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No one said raising kids was easy, but when it comes to teenagers that’s a completely different animal. On a weekly basis I am bombarded with calls and emails from parents that are at their wit’s end dealing with their teen — we hear this a lot: “Our highly intelligent son used to bring home all […]

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Guest post by Janita Docherty How do you view your social media world? The first thing that springs to mind is communication. Communication with your friends, family and other users in groups and forums that share a common interest. The second is sharing.  Sharing of our photos, sharing of our life’s moments and sharing of […]

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It’s not only youth that love the Internet, earlier this year PEW Research shared that 52% of adults online are engaged in social media with Facebook as the most popular. We have heard the rumors that teens are finding other social media outlets, such as Snapchat or Instagram, since parents are in love with Facebook, […]

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I recently received information on a new app, and in full disclosure, I haven’t tried it yet but in today’s society of e-venge – I would say there is a place for it (and it’s free). Social Prenup App Seeks to Prevent Revenge Porn and Online Embarrassment Keep unflattering or embarrassing photos private with this new photo […]

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Bullying and cyberbullying is an issue that everyone is concerned about.  From verbal abuse to online harassment, words can be used as lethal weapons. On the same measure, words can be used to build people up too! Your words matter, keystrokes count — how will you use them? One of the most important ways your […]