CyberSafety Awareness Month: Gadgets, Tech and Parents


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google-glassComing soon — a gadget that parents as well as many of us should learn more about.

Google Glass.

What is it and what are the concerns?

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with a mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. – Wikipedia

Pros and cons:

Among the litany of arguments against Google Glass: the evaporation of the kind of privacy we’re accustomed to. When you consider how reliant we are in today’s digital world on cell phones, webcams, and tablets, though, doesn’t it seem like plenty of our everyday tools have already become intrusive?

Looking on the brighter side, one might argue that Glass has us on our toes, making us more alert to what’s around us. We should always be aware of our surroundings, doubly so when we have our children around.

Even if you’ve seen and read a lot about Google Glass, do you truly understand how it works? I urge you to take a quick eight question quiz and see how you rate. The quiz also helps correct misunderstandings and explains how Glass functions, providing clarity amid the myth.

Don’t be surprised if you notice signs like this one posted in your area in the near future (image from MyDoorSign).

Don’t be surprised if you notice signs like this one posted in your area in the near future (image from MyDoorSign).

Will Google Glass be banned from public locations such as schools? Probably, at least sometimes. Let’s consider how students can use Glass, as well as how the technology might affect them:

  • A graduate student in Michigan is enthusiastic about the role Google Glass is playing in her optometry research.
  • Medical students at The Ohio State University were amazed at how the device helped document a surgical procedure and incorporate the video as an educational resource in lectures.
  • On the downside, students will be vulnerable to people with questionable intentions. From privacy concerns to internet predators and a further evolution of cyberbullying, this article lists 35 arguments against Google Glass.
  • Unsolicited recordings or photos could be taken without the target’s knowledge in sensitive spaces, such as locker rooms and restrooms – and shared with others on the internet.

During National Cyber Safety Awareness Month, let’s make an effort to be prepared as new digital gadgets hit the market. Be attentive to news regarding forthcoming technology, and use resources like the quiz to help prepare.

Co-contributor: Mike Miles manages social media at SmartSign, a New York City based ecommerce sign retailer and creator of #TakeNoBullies, an anti-cyberbullying and digital responsibility campaign. Mike is passionate about writing, digital citizenship, and advocating for a safer internet.

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