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Guest post by Peggy McKibbin There are many things to be thankful for but, if you’re like me, a healthy relationship with your teen tops the list. After all, you have spent many years as caregiver, counselor, coach and cuddler to your “little one.” From first steps and first words, to the first date and […]

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Post Newtown tragedy and we as a society not only mourn the loss of precious lives, we are debating what we can do from to prevent this from happening again. The conversation of gun control and mental health will continue for a long time. As someone that works with parents of struggling teenagers, I am […]

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“I just like to see how far I can go and what I can do and what I can accomplish out[side] of the everyday norm.” – Allan, 17 It has been said a thousand times: the biggest reason kids drink and drive, take drugs and do all kinds of crazy, dangerous stunts is that they […]