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I’ve grown so tired of the bickering news and social media news feeds (I’m referring to real news and it’s more tiresome explaining away the fake news). It was one of the most divisive election seasons and our social media news feeds are still dripping in  contention for each other (no matter what side you were on), […]

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It’s a fact today, your online reputation will effect your future. From teens applying to colleges to filling out job applications; to adults interviewing for career changes or leasing an apartment or even dating online — someone at sometime will put your name through the Google rinse cycle. What does your social personality say about […]

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According to the latest survey by Career Builders, 1 in 5 employees are determined to land a new job in 2016. At the same time PEW Research released their survey entitled, Searching for Work in the Digital Era. A majority of U.S. adults (54%) have gone online to look for job information, 45% have applied for […]

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I’ve heard from some parents that say they won’t allow their tweens or teens on social media sites or ban them from certain apps or other digital platforms that today’s teenagers are engaging in.  Of course many know that kids have way to defy parents – whether it is sneaking to a friend’s house or […]