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Do you know what Google is saying about you? From: Here are some statistics on who is looking for your data: 81% of millennials Google or Facebook their date before going out 79% of recuiters and hiring managers screen applicants by information available online 86% of hiring managers have rejected someone based on information […]

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The Internet is here to stay and only expanding by the day! The social media heyday shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and likely will just continue to gain speed and momentum as it appeals to younger and younger audiences; however it can’t go unnoticed that the values it’s teaching our children […]

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We are becoming a broken record as we try to explain to our kids what they post online can potentially affect their future. The Internet is a wonderful educational tool but can also work against us if not properly used. The dangers of technology, especially for kids and teens, has been in the media for […]