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If your child is awake, chances are she’s online. According to research, children are spending several hours a day using a smartphone, computer, or other electronic devices. The risks associated with kids online include cyberbullying, accessing inappropriate chat rooms, sharing personal information with strangers, and the list goes on. With students headed back to school […]

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From the time they are babies, your kids see you checking Facebook from your phone, posting photos to Instagram on your tablet and finding great recipes on Pinterest from your laptop. It’s only natural that they want to be part of the great online world of social media. But to make sure your kids are […]

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June is Internet Safety Month. It’s great that we designate a month for Internet Safety Awareness, as we do for Bullying and Cyberbullying Awareness in October, but this doesn’t mean that we ignore it the other eleven months of the year. I think it is great we will see many articles and resources through this […]

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Online social networks are part of daily life, especially for kids and teens. Unfortunately, these networks make for easy bullying. How do you protect your kids from cyber threats? Cyberbullying Bullying is fairly common, especially among teenagers. According to the Center for Disease Control in the U.S., nearly 20 percent of high school students have […]

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We have discussed this for a long time, tweens jumping on social networking sites that clearly state they must be 13 years-old to join. Parents will sometimes cave to their tweens begging (peer pressure from the tween) – or the tween will find a way around entering these sites.  In either situation, it is crucial that […]

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I recently received information on a new app, and in full disclosure, I haven’t tried it yet but in today’s society of e-venge – I would say there is a place for it (and it’s free). Social Prenup App Seeks to Prevent Revenge Porn and Online Embarrassment Keep unflattering or embarrassing photos private with this new photo […]

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In addition to the latest PEW Research on Teens, Social Media and Technology 2015, that shared statistics that our teens are connected to social media frequently – and up to 24% said it is constantly, it was refreshing to see that at least 60% of parents are adapting and monitoring their teens social media behavior according to […]

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Parents, teachers and anyone that wants to learn more about cyber-education, @BeCyberWise is offering a limited gift of digital literacy that will bring you up-to-date with technology today. Isn’t it time you caught up with your kids and/or students, digitally speaking? From social media and networking site knowledge, to digital etiquette – or should we […]

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Let’s face it, our kids crave their privacy just like adults–but they are not adults.  We want to give them their space, and trust them, however it is the outsiders that we worry about.  Especially when it comes to virtually strangers! How to snoop on your kid when they are online?  It sounds very sneaky, […]