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The younger generation is growing up in an environment saturated with digital experiences. The latest news on Facebook and Instagram can be an instant conversation starter, and phone calls have taken a backseat to texts. Communication on the internet is hacking away at the importance and relevance of authentic offline conversations, yet it is essential […]

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Tito de Morais, The Internet Safety Guy, recently said in a forum, “Kids that are at risk offline will be at risk online, as questionable conduct in the physical and digital world is not mutually exclusive.” After collaborating on several other articles, including the “Cyber-Shield” series, I was thrilled to be a part of Sue […]

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In recent years, society has become more sensitive to social issues. This can be attributed to our growing digital connectivity – with the click of a mouse, news and information is much more accessible, paving the way for an increasingly aware population. But simple awareness isn’t enough to make a difference. Everyone needs to step […]

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Even though October is National Bullying Prevention Month, not everyone is getting the memo. Tragic news continues to surface following Rebecca Sedwick’s tragic suicide in Florida last month. Just last week, Jordan Lewis, a 15-year old boy from Illinois, committed suicide, leaving behind a note stating he was tired of life and overwhelmed by the […]

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It used to be the case that parents just puzzled over their teens’ calculus homework; now parents have the added challenge of hashtags and embed codes. That’s because parents must become role models online as well as offline, since the separation between those worlds is becoming less distinctive. Since online behavior has real world effects, […]

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Everyone talks about bullying and cyber bullying prevention and now that summer is here and school is out, kids don’t have the support of a guidance counselor or an anti-bullying prevention team at school to report bullying to or a possible peer support group to be with. This is a perfect time to encourage your […]