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Every year when the holidays roll around more kids are introduced to more gadgets! In reality, it doesn’t take a holiday for a child to receive a gadget.  With the latest study showing that 95% of teens having access to the Internet, chances are very good your child is one of them. My philosophy has […]

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So have you decided your tween or teen is mature enough to have a cell phone? No doubt many children have a wireless device at the top of their wish list for the holidays. It’s a big purchasing decision for parents. For kids, having a cell phone is more about being cool; for parents it’s […]

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The holidays are here and many tweens and teens are asking for cell phones and Smartphones.  But are they ready for the responsibility of having one? Do children really need Smartphones? Can Smartphones be beneficial to their learning alongside school? Are Smartphones a fashion statement? Is it fair if all families cannot afford them?  Peer […]