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Even under a national spotlight, bullying has become more prevalent and increasingly dangerous. Emotionally disturbing yet cathartic, this groundbreaking book by two leading experts in the field of community intervention, anger and addiction, provides a compelling expose on all aspects of bullying. Bullies ~ From the Playground to the Boardroom Using in-depth case studies of […]

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Government figures show that at least a quarter of children experience bullying at school and according to the Worlplace Bullying Institute more than a third of adults are bullied in the workplace. While bullying has a serious impact on mental well-being, with victims more prone to anxiety, low mood, disturbed sleep, reduced confidence and problems […]

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It has been several years since Google Bomb was launched and I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t still receive emails from victims that have been viciously attacked online. Who are these people? They can range from professionals such as doctors, teachers, business owners and principals,  to the mommy bloggers that are […]