OnlineSafetyKeeping kids safe online is a multi-faceted task.  You need to make sure the security on your computer is adequate.  Then you will need to set some parental controls on the computer.  Next you will need to set some ground rules in your home about computer usage.

You will find these and many more tips in the following 30 blogs.


Make sure that your computer has a firewall and other security measures installed.  You can download some of these items for free or you can buy special software.  These blog posts will explain some security you should have to keep your kids safe.

Parental Controls

The security on your computer can protect the computer from hackers and viruses and the like, but you will need to set some parental controls on the computer if you want to make sure that the kids stay safe when they are surfing the net.

Usage Rules

Security on the computer is necessary.  Setting parental controls on the computer is important. However, setting some rules on how and where the computer can be used is also key element in protecting your children.

Tips for Safety

For general tips to keep your kids safe while they play online you can check out these five blog posts.  From the latest tech gadget to common sense these tips cover it all.


Many people argue that the government is too involved with everyday life, but then you hear about something bad happening and people want to know why the government didn’t do something about it.  Here are some blog stories about what the government has done and is doing to help keep kids safe online.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use in children is getting younger and younger.  Middle school children are using their Smart phones in class.  What can you do to keep your kids safe when they use their cell phone?

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