FamilyOnlineSafetyThe modern technology and rain of contemporary devices such as smartphones, tablets and IPAD’s playing a positive role in spreading information among the general public. But these tech gadgets when connected with the internet often play a negative part and may cause some serious issues especially in the lives of young kids who use to of using these tech gadgets and perform internet activities and ultimately become addicted to it.

They might be cyber bullied, blackmailed by stalkers and lose their health doing activities all day long which may cause them physical as well as psychological issues. So, in short, online activities by using the contemporary tech devices generate horrible issues to young kids.

What precautions should parents keep their child safe online?

Parents should follow following six ways in order to protect their young kids while doing online activities, here are following ways.

  1. Be a role model:

The first education institutes where young kids learn all their basic activities are their parents, so it is the parents who should look after their own activities in front their young kids. Parents should be the role model for their kids; if parents do healthy activities in their lives then kids automatically follow their parents and take an interest in their parent’s activities. So, parents need to perform positive things online in the presence of their kids such as using instant messaging applications, searching appropriate sites and use of tech creatures within the limitations. So teach your kids positive things when they are online. They will definitely follow your footsteps.

  1. Set some house rules:

Parents need to set some house rules, if their young kids have habits of doing online activities at extreme, tell your kid’s if they don’t follow the house rules they should face some serious consequences such as they will have to face a week ban on their online activities. If any of your kid doesn’t follow your instruction, make an example out of it to warn your other kids.  So, you will see your young kids will follow all the rules and regulations which you have set for online activities.

  1. Educate your kids: be a tech-savvy

The best way to educate your young kids is that parents should be tech-savvy first, and then parents can easily manage to educate their kids about how they can perform online activities such for getting information, for the little entertainment, for school assignments and socializing with the online world for making their communication sharper and stronger.  Guide your kids, for how much time online activities are enough, don’t become addicted to it, and don’t visit inappropriate social messaging sites until they become legible for it.

  1. Take control on internet activities:

Whenever you see your kids are tending towards online activities, make use of parental controls on your home internet services. Always keep in mind to make a check on your mobile phone devices, desktop computers, gaming gadgets and your smart TV as well. Tell your friend to send you a friend request from their all social media platforms like Facebook, snap chat, WhatsApp, vine, Tinder and many others.  Tell them if they are going to publish their pictures and videos which they don’t want you to see then the stuff should not be in public domain.

  1. Make a friendly environment with your kids:

The best part is to keep your child safe online is to make a friendly relationship with your young kids, it is necessary because having a friendly environment your kids will not hide anything from you. So, be a best friend of your child in order to prevent other best friends whom they share everything. Encourage them being a friend and stop them from any bad online stuff in a friendly way. This will help parents building a positive trustworthy relationship with your kids, and they follow your instructions even in your absence.

  1. Use monitoring applications:

If you have applied all best possible ways to protect your kids and even then that you are not able to stop your child to prevent them from their online obsession. In short, they follow your instructions in your presence and start doing whatever they want in your absence. Then don’t worry use the TheOneSpy monitoring application in order to monitor all of the activities of your kids online. TheOneSpy is the powerful and best applications to track online activities with the exact time stamp. It will allow you to monitor all social messaging app with its IM social media feature. Parents can record calls, spy on messages, bug their kid’s phone, view multimedia files and track GPS location with the help of Track GPS location feature.

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