Adults Over-sharing: How Social Media Can Bring You Down


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UpdateSTatus2We constantly are telling our children and especially our teenagers, think before you post.  However, are their parents walking the talk?

Last summer I wrote Facebook Is Not A Diary on Huffington Post and it went viral.  How a single mother went on about her online dating ventures  – the good, the bad and the ugly.   Really, some things are not for public (world-wide) viewing.

Recently a video went viral, What’s on your mind?  An adult goes through his day – life – sharing, or over-sharing what he is doing, feeling as well as making things up as he goes along.  After-all – isn’t that what many do on social media?  It’s only keystrokes, who will really go out there and verify if you are actually having a blast on vacation or eating those donuts?

Take two minutes to watch this video and hopefully you will think twice before you continue to over-share your every waking moment online.  Our kids our watching our actions, online and off.  Let’s keep some things to ourselves.

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