InstagramMamaBear notifications to parents monitoring their child’s (teen’s) Instagram account seem to spike during the summer. Instagram has been popular with smartphone wielding teens since the initial launch of the photo sharing app and the app now has over 80 million users. Its popularity with teens makes it an important target for MamaBear monitoring. With the addition of Instagram Video this summer, it seems to be worth spending a little extra time monitoring the app.

Social media like Instagram is a fun and easy way for our kids to share summertime memories. Unfortunately, it can also turn into posts our kids could regret but not realize at the time of the post.  Summertime means beaches, pools and waterparks and time for more pictures and potentially less clothes. Our kids can’t always control when they are photographed or tagged on Instagram. Due to today’s speed of photo sharing, an unknown inappropriate pic can be circulated on Instagram and a rapid response can be helpful to protecting our kids.

An embarrassing or reputation harmful photo circulated on Instagram has been a problem for years. Beyond potentially compromising photos, embarrassing videos are also now popping up on Instagram. Our parents are worried about Instagram video making existing problems, like bullying, worse but we can be proactive with the MamaBear App.

MamaBear can help parents keep a watchful eye on potential problems, even when they aren’t actively watching their kids’ Instagram feed.  With email and push based alerts for iPhones and Android powered smartphones, parents can stay in the loop while enjoying the summer themselves. Parents can receive alerts for targeted words, inappropriate interactions with friends and, of course, when a child uploads something onto the 80 million user social media giant.

MamaBear was designed to give parents an edge when dealing with social media. Instagram is at an all-time peak amount of users and is now offering video functionality. The growing popularity on Instagram and other social media outlets make child monitoring tools like MamaBear increasingly important to parents all over the world. As new social media options become available, MamaBear will continue to give parents important social media monitoring functions.

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