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With experts saying that adolescence is the period when most children encounter drugs for the first time in their lives, parents of young teenagers are rightly worried. It has also become more important than ever for parents to have open conversations with their children about the consequences of drug abuse and the importance of making […]

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Sending kids off to college can be a frightening time for parents. If you’ve been to the university yourself, you know all about the drunken parties and not-so-safe choices college students make while under-the-influence. And whether you’ve had the college experience yourself or not, you’ve probably heard the horror stories of substance abuse and the […]

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Every week  I hear from parents about how intelligent their teens are, yet they are either using drugs (smoking pot) or drinking on a regular basis or even just on the weekends with their friends.  Yes, these kids are very smart and some are even very athletic, but they are making stupid choices.  This is […]