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Majority of teens own smartphones, new survey shares how parents are managing to become cyber-savvy. Interestingly, in a new PEW Survey, the majority of parents (65 percent) have concern over the amount of time their teen is online. They are worrying that they are losing the ability to communicate in person or possibly sharing too […]

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It’s a fact, many people will turn a blind eye when they witness negative behavior. Whether it is online or in a school hallway or in the workplace — it is easier (or safer) to walk away than to risk getting involved. It is no different than not wanting to get involved in being a […]

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What side of the fence do you stand on? Recently a school district in California hired a company to monitor their student’s social media.¬† The firm is looking at public posts for red flags searching for possible violence, drug use, bullying, truancy and suicidal threats. This issue falls on whether this is a free speech […]

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It has been several years since Google Bomb was launched and I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t still receive emails from victims that have been viciously attacked online. Who are these people? They can range from professionals such as doctors, teachers, business owners and principals,¬† to the mommy bloggers that are […]

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StopBullying.Gov is pleased to unveil its very first infographic, with research and statistics on what bullying is and how to prevent it. The infographic illustrates the many forms of bullying, its prevalence and its impact on youth and communities.   ¬†Copyright permission by for Follow on Twitter and join them on Facebook.