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Can Teen Help Programs Help Cellphone Addiction? Teen Cellphone and Internet Addiction In today’s society, the internet can be a valuable asset and educational tool, as well as a dangerous attraction and lethal weapon. Many teens are turning to social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to make friends, mingle and more. […]

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Signs of Teen Gaming Addiction Many parents are concerned with the amount of time their tweens and teens spend online. Whether it’s communicating with friends through social media, texting or chatting — or they are playing video games, it all involves screen-time. What is gaming internet addiction? Experts say that just because someone uses the […]

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Internet addiction, is it real? YES! Today we are facing a time when teen depression is on the rise. Young people are struggling with anxiety, stress and overwhelmed by peer pressure. They are completely immersed in their screens without considering their emotional or physical health. Warning signs -An obsession with being online-Frustration, anxiety, and irritability […]

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Most Teens Spend at Least 3 Hours a Day Socializing Online AT&T and Tyler Clementi Foundation Survey 1,000 Area Teens and Parents: Find Pervasive Cyberbullying and Significant Awareness Gap Between Parents and Teens As middle and high school students spend more time online than ever before, a survey of New York City-area teenagers and parents […]

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We have heard about abstinence when it comes to sex, now it is about disconnecting from your digitally devices and social media.  It’s not easy. However a parent that was determined to get her family’s offline back gathered some volunteers (with the same mission) and created the Disconnect project. According to a recent Slate cover story about […]

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It’s almost reads like a fiction novel or a Friday night mystery that you don’t think will ever happen to you  – and suddenly you realize, it can. Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls are accused of luring a middle school classmate into the woods in a Milwaukee suburb and stabbing her 19 times in an attack […]

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According to a recent report, the term “Internet addiction” was coined in 1995 – meant as a joke at the dawn of the online era. Nearly 20 years later, the reality of Internet addiction is no laughing matter. Many credible doctors and psychologists take the phenomenon seriously, especially when the endless hours spent online revolve […]

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Ahhh vacation—a luxury that all families, with any luck, get to enjoy at least once annually. Or we could be talking about holiday time off from school when kids have more time in front of their screens and not with family. Now that technology has become such an ever-present part of our lives, it can […]

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Your teens and you probably have more in common than you think in today’s technological world. For one, you are both probably tuned in to the latest advancements in technological gadgets, be it cell phones, home entertainment systems, music, and more. But is that necessarily a good thing? In the cases of many parents today, […]

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This has been a debate for years and the answer comes back to when safety trumps privacy… Especially now as technology is in the hands of every teens and many tweens, parents need to be in tune with how are teens are dealing with peer pressure, friendships and most of all, school life. Teenagers earn […]