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Good parents want to teach their children to walk and run, but still protect them when they fall. Healthy parenting is finding a balance between opportunity and risk. Children need to have the opportunity to grow and explore with as little risk of endangerment as possible. As children transition to adulthood, it is the teen […]

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This is a guest post and the name is withheld upon request.  I believe it is a very powerful true story that can be your story or someone you know.  There is never any shame in being honest with yourself and your family–it is the first step to recovery and beginning a life that you […]

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Wow, I was thrilled and honored to be notified that I had not one, but two of my sites (Blog sites) listed in a recent Top 20 Parenting Blogs and Websites by Wilderness Ventures. For over a decade I have been helping parents with struggling teens after my own challenges and experiences.  Years ago, while […]