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The Invisible Boy is simply brilliant! Engaging, enlightening and definitely a story that will ignite a conversation that is so important today.  Creating and instilling empathy in our children. Trudy Ludwig, the author of this amazing book, creates characters that we all can relate to, especially our young children. As Brian is penciled in as […]

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Baffle That Bully is a quick read that will provide parents and young children the opportunity to discuss bullying and work on a strategy for deflecting it. The book is written for elementary school children by providing examples they can relate to giving the book credence for them. It also provides activities parents can participate […]

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With the recent PEW Internet Survey released on May 21st, 2013, there were some new findings that should make parents happy and maybe not so thrilled at the same time. We found out that some teens are finally waking-up to the fact that their online reputation is critical to their future.  Another words, they are […]