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I was drawn to Sue Scheff’s Huffington Post article “Grownup Bullying and Monster Moms” Immediately. She had me from Hello. “I know bullying and cyberbullying is a topic that many people are becoming immune to.” We are. And I believe I know why. Two reasons: We are currently labeling everything bullying. Adults don’t acknowledge their […]

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With so much discussion about peer cruelty, meanness, teasing and simply not being kind to each other, having the reminder that Being a Friend and Being Good are gifts that never get old. We have graduations coming up, Easter, Passover and maybe some people have birthdays.  I know so many people out there have turned […]

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When you look in your living room, are your pre-teens immersed in a video game on a console, computer, or cellphone? Chances are, the games they’re playing have online connectivity. Gartner reports that a large portion of the $111 billion video game market consists of online games. 38 percent of minors enjoy video gaming as […]

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Parents, how often do you worry about your teenager when they hop in their car to head out to the movies or the mall? Are they distracted while driving? Are they texting while driving? AT&T has just the app for you to help curb the urge to text and drive. AT&T DriveMode  can automatically start […]

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Entitlement issue generation.  That is what it seems we are dealing with today. I am confident it isn’t every teenager, however I speak with many parents and hear a familiar story of a child that is raised with the gifts of their parents and sometimes grandparents extensive generosity. Many families live by the philosophy that […]

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Children and teens talking and texting on their smartphones is a very common sight on any city street or in any shopping mall. Children get their hands on mobile devices at a very early age; most are online by the time they are in the third grade. While technology can be a fantastic learning tool […]

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It’s a fact, more people communicate through technology and I would venture to say, prefer the digital language over face-to-face communication! However there is one time that tech devices need to be STACKED and it is time to CHAT face-face.  It’s called family time! Let’s face it, finding time to spend face-to-face time with our […]

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Recently I wrote about a survey lead by Stage of Life that reported that 97% of teens learn their manners from home – their parents are their influence. When it comes to their decision to drink alcohol, according to the Century Council, 83% of teens said that their parents are their largest influence not to […]

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Many people have two sides to their personality. For some of these people, the balance is so completely disrupted that they can become manic in either happy or sad states. For your teen, the addition of hormones as well as a medium in which to vent freely can have a profound impact whether it is […]

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Despite growing concerns over kids’ safety and privacy online, a recent study showed that less than half of parents use parental control software to monitor their children’s activities and/or filter inappropriate web content. If parents are truly worried, and surveys show they are, then why aren’t more of them taking steps to keep their kids […]