#iCANHELP Campaign continues to spread nationwide with their message that kindness can defeat negativity.

A few negative posts can leave you feeling alone and isolated. However, all it takes is one person noticing something good and complimenting our day to erase all of the negativity that is following us around.

Simple acts of kindness happen everyday and they can make the world of difference in a person’s life.

You could be at your grocery store and the cashier may see an item you are purchasing that has a store coupon in the flyer and offers it to you.  This happens to me  a lot!  I always think of how kind this women is – she doesn’t have to do this, since it takes time up from her line and day – but she does.

I tell my neighbors about her and it seems she does it for everyone! Some people have built-in kind hearts, and that is what I think we all need to start having – “built-in kindness” to the point that it is automatic to whoever is walking through your life – no matter what age they are.

#iCANHELP Campaign is about deleting negativity on social media but it is also about being a positive warrior in life.  Everything they do is about kindness and compassion towards others.

There many campaigns that I have written about all have positive messages that help promote civility to all online and off.

Here is their latest video, Erase Hate.

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Remember, don’t change who you are or what you stand for just because you are online!

#iCANHELP just made the news again! Goods News goes viral!

Will you answer the call for kindness?

Remember to have family time and STACK IT.