SticksStonesSticks and stones.

Words will never hurt you.

Suck it up.

Just ignore it.

Easier said than done.  When we were younger we all remember that old cliché that sticks and stone may break our bones, but words can never hurt us.

It only took a generation for us to realize not only do words hurt us, they scar for a very long time.  The emotional damage is far worse and longer lasting than physical harm.

I would venture to say most would rather have a broken bone that will eventually heal than emotional pain that has a tendency to rear its’ ugly head every now and then.  As the saying goes — we can forgive, but forgetting is not as easy.

Online harassment has become a method that not only kids use to harm others, but adults are using it too.  I have watched grown-ups use Twitter and Facebook as a venting machine and create hostile environments where you go back to double check to be sure they are adults!

You have to wonder what possesses them to act-out like this, they must realize that privacy online is limited – and never 100%.

Let’s face it – if you don’t want someone to know how you are feeling or your secrets – buy a journal and pen – write it down and lock it up!  The internet?  There are no secrets there. Well, not when it comes to sharing your feelings, comments, or opinions (strong or otherwise).

One of the leading films that address cyberbullying is Submit the Documentary, a real life look at the reality of how cyberbullying effects the lives of parents, students and communities.

Recently the documentary was released online for everyone to watch.  Take the time watch and learn more about how you can become proactive in your school and community to combat a trend that a generation ago wasn’t a consideration – but today is costing emotional lives.

It stops with us – we can make the difference.  It is really that simple.