Gift of a digital lesson.

Gift of a digital lesson.

We have special days coming soon, Mother’s Day and shortly after that is Father’s Day.

I remember being young, and of course  as a child money is never something of abundance, one of the best gifts you can give your parents (besides your time), was handmade coupons for special things like a car-wash, making dinner, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn etc.

Keep in mind, this can be for birthday’s and other holiday’s all year round.

Teens and youth today are usually more cyber-savvy than their parents.

Consider asking your kids for a digital lesson, yes – a cyber-civic class on how to better use social media apps, networking and even your own cell phone!

Let’s face it, I am confident the majority of adults/parents only use their cell phone and social media sites in basic mode only.  There are probably so many capabilities you can learn from your kids – to get more out of your own technology – after-all, you’re paying for it!

This can have a dual purpose.

At the same time you are learning from them, you can also learn more about what their digital lives are.  Ask them while they are teaching you – it is a great way to open up a digital dialogue.

Last year I contributed to Family Online Safety Institute (one of my favorite online safety resources) a post with ways your child can help you learn more about social media networking.  Check it out – print it out – and mention it to your tweens and teens that you would like your digital-lesson coupon for your special day.

Digital parenting is part of parenting today – but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your children too!

Offline parenting is key to helping your kids make better online choices.  With your cyber-lessons this helps you open your digital dialogue.   Remember, having daily chats – even if they are only for a few minutes, is better than waiting for a tragedy to hit and having one major discussion and hoping they will get it!  We need to empower and equip our youth to make better choices online by giving them sound advice offline – and listening to them.

Your digital lessons can help you better understand their cyber-lives too. Sign-up today!  Remember, you have to ask for it – they probably won’t think of it.