ICanHelp_5HeartWhat a powerful message and couldn’t ring more true!

I know firsthand of what type of people like to use the keyboard to send out cyber-bullets of hurtful and lethal keystrokes that can forever change the life of people of all ages.

No one is immune to online harassment.

We frequently speak of teens and kids that are struggling with bullying and cyberbullying today, and I would never diminish the fact it is an epidemic that needs to be discussed constantly – education and awareness is the key to prevention.

However as an adult, I know personally there are thousands of grown-ups (likely much more) out there silently suffering from adult-bullies.  #iCANHELP Campaign, Delete Negativity on Social Media, is a tremendous force in helping bring awareness to the fact that your keystrokes can be used to build people up, or break them down individuals.  It is up to you – you have the power and the choice!

#iCANHELP created short-videos that speak volumes. Mom Gossip gives us the insight of how adults are just as guilty of peer cruelty as kids can be.  Crumpled is an amazing video of how your can simply un-Crumple someone’s day with a few kind words.  STACK IT encourages families to unplug, especially during meal time, and truly listen to each other!  The Wall is a very simple concept, what will yours reflect?  Words matter.

#iCANHELP even took a twist on Wednesday’s Hump Day, turning it into Happy Help Day and Throwback Thursday, creating Tag Someone You Love Day.

Of course their PSA shares what #iCANHELP is all about.  Students, teachers and an entire community making a difference!