TeenFitnessStudies reveal and strengthen the age-old belief that mental health and physical health are linked in more than one way. Improving physical condition or regular exercise might have the key in managing emotions, particularly anger. If exercise is used judiciously and methodically as a conjunction to therapy and anger management strategies it might work wonders in controlling anger, anxiety and frustration.

Any form of exercise is always good for the body and mind. There are some exercises that can be more effective than the others when it comes to managing anger in teens and kids. Here are some of them.

1. Aerobic Exercise :

Aerobic exercises are also referred to as cardio exercises. They include a range of workouts that increase heart rates and better oxygen supply to the whole body. They rely on this technique to use the oxygen to produce energy, and are performed for several minutes or more in general. The increased heart rate caused by these exercises also exercises the pulmonary system which effectively reduces the blood pressure and anxiety also. Some of the most favored aerobic exercises are:

· Gyms: enroll your kids or teens in a well equipped Gym under a certified trainer. These trainers will help your kids or teens with a meticulously charted training regime, that will not only look after their all round growth, but they will also help them stay fit and healthy. The exercise routine will also channelize their anger into a healthy and fit lifestyle.

· Cycling: this is another excellent method to stay fit. Cycling also allows viewing the scenic beauty and enjoying the road. They also need little training and can be enjoyed at a minimal cost. The time while cycling also helps them to be on their own and gather their thoughts. One of the best exercise and workout that can be handy in many ways. Also an environment friendly exercise also.

· Swimming: this is one of the best cardio exercises which help kids and teens to have fun and have a very healthy and fit body. Make sure that the club where you enroll your kid has a qualified trainer and security. Swimming is also fun as kids and teens tend to love water. Water also soothes nerves and help cool down tempers.

· Walking: Brisk walking can be fun. Walking at a brisk in the park or along nature trails will help kids enjoy nature and a sweating exercise that might smooth nerves and understand a lot more about life. This is a good exercise both for the whole body, and lets the kids to be with their thoughts and ponder over them.

· Jogging: also a good cardio exercise. This exercise also allows teens and kids to enjoy the outdoors and ponder over their thoughts. The liberty to choose different routes can add to the diversity and change of view. All these can greatly help in managing stress and anger in kids and teens.

2. Team Sports:

Team sports can be extremely helpful in managing stress and anger among teens and kids. Studies reveal that regular interaction with people in person can not only help in anger management and stress management, they can also instill qualities that improve social behavior and team playing qualities. These will be extremely essential in the further walk of life. Team sports like Rugby, Soccer, Football, Baseball, basketball will help them stay fit. These sports also help manage anger and stress. These team games also teach a lot about life and the ways to interact with people, play as a team and lot more. They not only make children cooperative and team players, they also equip them with life skills much needed for the future.

You can also indulge your kids in indoor sports like badminton, table tennis that involve a lot of physical exercise, and also helps to develop concentration and strategy building abilities.

3. Stationary Exercises:

There can be situations that might not allow you to help your kids in taking up too much outdoor activities, or cardio exercises. There are options where you can help them work their mind and body at home in the comfort of the interiors and help them manage their anger or stress.

· Muscle control: ask them to tense and relax each muscle of their body. Start from the toes and end with the face. Tensing muscles of every part of the body with deep breathing makes the whole body relax bit by bit. They also help in reducing anger and stress immensely. This can also act as an anger or stress reliever as an emergency solution also.

· Deep Breathing: Deep breathing exercises are known to reduce stress and anger. They also act as emergency anger management tools. Take deep breath for about two to five seconds while focusing on the breath, hold it for ten seconds or more, and then release the breath for two to five seconds. Repeat for about five to ten times. Doing this about five times a day detoxifies your body and also helps your oxygen supply in the body. This also keeps tempers in check.

· Other methods: there are many other indoor exercises that need very little physical stress, but are known to reduce stress and anger in kids and teens as well as adults. But these methods like Tai Chi, or Yoga needs qualified and trained instructors. They can have a calming effect on the young mind and keep them fit. They are also known to increase concentration and focus among other things.


Exercise has been known to reduce stress and anger among all. They also help release the excess energy that might be the cause of restlessness. Exercise also allows the release of hormones needed for better and happy living. Most importantly teens and kids need to be outdoors and having physical exercise instead of having a sedentary lifestyle to keep fit and have anger in control. They also need to socialize and active physically.

Contributor:  Alia Haley is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes to Regal Cigs.