TakeNoBullies stickers group

In recent years, society has become more sensitive to social issues. This can be attributed to our growing digital connectivity – with the click of a mouse, news and information is much more accessible, paving the way for an increasingly aware population.

But simple awareness isn’t enough to make a difference. Everyone needs to step up to the plate when it comes to combatting cyberbullying– individuals, schools, non-profits, and religious organizations all must swing the bat in order to make digital citizenship a priority. StopBullying.gov outlines a number of strategies that locales can implement to create a shared vision of anti-bullying advocacy, including partnering with businesses.

With that mission in mind, MySecuritySign, a New York-based company that’s part of the SmartSign family, founded the #TakeNoBullies movement in February 2012 to make a difference by promoting positivity among children and teens on social media. As part of the campaign, SmartSign created sixteen stickers containing original, proactive statements about popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Google+.

A sticker replicating the look of Instagram advises individuals to “Say #latergram to bullying;” the new Snapchat sticker says, “Think twice. Snap nice;” while other stickers play on popular cultural references, like the one stating, “All you need is likes.” #TakeNoBullies donates these stickers to groups wishing to join a network of schools and organizations committed to a safe and healthy online experience.

Schools, clubs, and organizations with anti-bullying goals should consider all the resources available to them, because you can never have enough tools at your disposal when it comes to crafting an effective voice that mobilizes a community to stand up against cyberbullying. #TakeNoBullies aims to do just that – as well as spurn other businesses to take the initiative. It’s in everyone’s best interest to cultivate a safe digital world, whether you are a parent, teacher, or student.

Contributor: Mike Miles manages social media at SmartSign, a New York City based ecommerce sign retailer and creator of #TakeNoBullies, an anti-cyberbullying and digital responsibility campaign. Mike is passionate about writing, digital citizenship, and advocating for a safer internet.