ICanHelp_5HeartIf you are a Positive Warrior you know that Wednesday means it is Happy Help Day!

#iCANHELP Delete Negativity on Social Media is starting to get the attention they deserve.

As I wrote in my last post, they replaced Throwback Thursday with Tag Someone Thursday, with a challenge to tag as many people as they can to share the love!

On Wednesday’s, many think of it as Hump Day.  Today #iCANHELP has replaced it with Happy Help Day!

Everyone has the ability to make someones day a bit better!

Their video Crumpled is a powerful message of how simple words do make a difference in a child’s day, if not their life.  What people don’t understand is that this message is universal, it is not only about children, adults need to remember this message too.

Bullying, cyberbullying, online gossip and harassment doesn’t discriminate.  Parents, coaches, celebrities — our kids are watching.  We are role models online and off.

What will your keystrokes say this Happy Help Day?  Use them with care!

Uncrumple someone today….. because #iCANHELP.

Follow them on Twitter and join them on Facebook.

Remember, don’t change who you are or stand for just because you are online!