In a time where teenage mental health is a growing concern, more parents are learning about the success of animal therapy for struggling teens. Canine therapy and equine therapy has been proven to help with teen issues and improve overall psychological well-being including internet addiction.


Do you have a teenager that is suffering with anxiety, trauma (PTSD), mood disorder, social media addiction, or using substances to self-medicate? Studies have proven that animal therapy is a beneficial tool in treating adolescents struggling with mental health concerns as well as substance abuse disorders.


Parenting a difficult teenager is stressful, however after experiencing your child being engaged in animal therapy you will gradually start to see positive changes.


3 Benefits of Animal Therapy with Struggling Teens


1. PexelDogTrainingReduces anxiety and stress.  Research has shown when troubled teens work with dogs, horses, and/or most animals, especially if they are involved with training a pet, it can help reduce a person’s anxiety as well as help those suffering with PTSD.


2. Helps with depression. When working with animals, specifically therapy dogs, they are trained to be attentive to a person’s needs and offer unconditional love. This can often help stabilize intense emotions and allows your teen to express themselves without fear of judgment.


3. Eases loneliness. Yes, teens are lonely. Research has uncovered that many teens suffer from isolation and loneliness. Caring for a dog or an animal gives you purpose, makes you feel needed as well as helps decrease depression.


Success of Animal Therapy with Teens

What some parents have shared in using animal therapy:

“Our 16-year-old daughter just graduated from her therapeutic program two months ago. I am not sure you remember us, but you answered the phone when we were panicking about placing our daughter when we were in a crisis. Your information was priceless. Our daughter loved animals, yet we didn’t realize through these difficult times that this could help us. We were so focused on finding therapeutic schools near me that we were lost in seeing what was best for her. Thankfully you guided us to learn more about programs with animal therapy and it changed all of our lives. We have our family back together now, thank you for your time and support.” – Vivian and Jack


“The dog therapy my son experienced at his program changed his life. He still has his Labrador today. It has taught him responsibility and accountability. He has empathy, respect, and most importantly self-worth. He even started a dog-walking and sitting business in our neighborhood. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge of animal therapy programs with us.” – Kathleen


“Horsemanship was important to our daughter at one time, but once she started down her dark road, I never thought she would want to ride again. You were the first person to ask me ‘what my daughter’s passions were (before hitting this dark road)‘. After you told us about therapeutic boarding schools with equine therapy, we finally felt like there was hope again. I’m so thrilled to tell you that she’s been home for a few months, she’s emotionally healthy and back to riding regularly! Thank you so much for your knowledge and help when we needed it most.” – Colleen and Mark


“My ADHD son was so angry, full of rage and completely out-of-control when I called your office. You suggested animal therapy and told me to research more about how it can help troubled teenagers. Although I wasn’t sure how my son would relate to dogs or horses, I’m writing to tell you that the journey was incredible! He was apprehensive at first but soon he became calm, loving and so caring. While he was in the program, anytime he would talk about his dog you could see his face light-up, his whole demeanor would change. Of course, we brought the dog home. I’m happy to report that both my son and his new friend are doing wonderful.” – Marlene


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