SmartSafeSocialThey loved your GPA until they saw your Tweets!

If you didn’t read that New York Time’s article last year, you should. It’s now the trend of our society with today’s teens and college recruiters revealing importance of social media.

It’s a fact no matter who you are or what you do, someone – someday – will search your name on the Internet.  Whether you are applying to colleges, looking for employment or even engaging in online dating – they will Google you.

Statistics have shown us that recruiters, employers and others searching online don’t take the time to determine Internet fact from fiction. If you have cyber-slime or twisted truths online about you, chances are good you may not be getting call backs from potential leads, colleges or dates.

From the moment your child is handed a keypad, parents should be engaging in digital conversations including helping them launch their social media platform.

This brings me to an amazing person I recently meet at the FOSI Conference this year.  Josh Ochs, of Smart Safe Social,  is changing lives both online and off, as he is educating and inspiring teens to use social media for their benefit.

He is the first Social Media Coach I have meet and I am so excited for families that are able to take advantage of his services.  He offers many free resources on his site and so many videos everyone can learn from.

Check out what Josh is currently launching and share it with your tweens, teens and pass it on to your friends.

“Colleges and employers have time to search for candidates. Our team launched a program to teach Teens & Tweens EXACTLY how colleges (and future employers) are going to search for them online.

This program teaches your kids how they can use social media to create a portfolio of positive accomplishments that will encourage a college (or future employer) to invite them in for an interview.”