In a recent study conducted by Grunwald Associates, the Learning First Alliance and AT&T,  found that more than 50% of parents believe that schools should make more use of mobile devices in education.

Who would have guessed!?  Aren’t we trying to get our kids and ourselves to make time to unplug?

The study found –

  • Parents recognize the benefits. 71% of parents say mobile devices open up learning opportunities while, 62% say the devices benefit students’ learning and 59% say the devices engage students in the classroom.
  • Parents are ready for change. 45% of parents say they plan to buy, or have already bought, a mobile device to support their child’s learning.
  • Parents want to collaborate with educators. 43% of parents say they need help finding good educational apps for their children.
  • 32% agree that schools should require mobile devices for learning.

With students already carrying their own devices to school, widespread mobile learning could be on the horizon. The study found that one quarter of all K-12 students bring a smartphone to school every day – and by high school, more than half of all high-school students carry a smartphone on a daily basis. About one in six parents say that children are permitted to use their own mobile devices in the classroom – commonly known as a “bring your own device” policy.

Source: AT&T Press Release

We are all in favor of advanced learning but this also means that parents need to advance their technology skill level too.  It is more important than ever to learn about online security measure, identity theft, online scams, privacy control, and other concerns that both parents and schools should be aware of if they are going to allow mobile learning in the classrooms.

I am still someone questioning the Google Apps in Education and how secure they are for our kids and families.  I see the benefits for the teachers and the administration of the schools but I still have concerns for the privacy end of it for the student’s family.  Yes, it is free and saving the tax payers money, but at what cost?

I won’t be a Debbie Downer, I think the Mobile Learning is a positive step and a step that will benefit many students—I only want to be sure there are strong precautions for security and privacy.  Maybe they will give classes on it…;-)

This is only my opinion.

Kudo’s to AT&T, as usual, for being a leader in promoting education in technology!