As people age, they care more and more about online security and privacy. During their 20s, many people begin distinguishing between their social personality and the image they project in their professional careers. The advent of social media has caused the line between these personas to blur.

While some websites, such as LinkedIn, are obviously intended for professional development, others prove useful as both personal and professional tools. Facebook is the most prominent example. Individuals can keep in touch with their closest friends and post pictures from weekend parties, but they can also network with potential employers and showcase their skills as artisans, designers, writers, and professionals. However, what they share with their friends is not always the same as what they want to share with their co-workers or employers. Moreover, many young adults have been Facebook users since they were in high school or college, and the information they posted years ago might not reflect who they are today.

Some young adults create multiple accounts on social media websites to deal with this issue. One account may be a professional profile that reflects the public image they wish to promote, and another account may be personal, used for socializing with friends. Other solutions are possible. For example, Facebook allows users to configure their privacy settings to display only certain information to certain people. Ultimately, young adults must remain diligent about keeping their personal and professional lives separate.