SocialMediaPostRemorseI think everyone has posted something that they have regretted.  Many more share more than they should — oversharing.  Although a recent study from Hart Research stated that  teens are more concerned about online privacy, 76%, which is up 35% from a year earlier,  it seems people still let their keystrokes and clicks of a mouse get ahead of them.

We speak about kids and teens that like to post and overshare, but let’s remember – parents and adults can be just as guilty.

I wrote an article for the Huffington Post, Facebook Is Not A Diary, which was about a woman that is not a friend of mine, however her privacy settings were not what she probably thought they were.  This wall was brought to my attention by friends, since it was an adult acting like a teenager.

It truly made many of us scratch our heads and start preaching to parents – you are your child’s role models!  More and more studies have shown parents are the largest influence in a child’s life – that includes online and off.

Are you sure your privacy settings are protecting your private posts?  Everyone knows, or should know, that Facebook likes to tweak their settings regularly, so if you aren’t keeping up – you might risk being exposed.

Fact is – we need to treat the Internet with care – every keystroke counts.  Even if you believe you are in a secure environment, proceed as if you are not.

If you decided to call out sick from work but really went to the park with a friend -and couldn’t resist posting a time dated selfie – did you think someone from the office wouldn’t see it?

You have been at your job for many years — suddenly you are laid off.  Now you find yourself competing for employment – online!  Yes, it isn’t only about your paper resume – they are checking out your digital one – before you make it into the office. IRL – in real life.

I saw a comment on Twitter recently — it made me chuckle – A well-meaning digital citizen suggested:

Parents shd discuss kind of digital footprint kids want to leave for future when schools/bosses will Google 1st & ask Q’s later.

My answer is this:  Remember, sometimes they won’t ask questions-just move on 2 next applicant.Many to choose from. That is how imp it is. 

In reality – most won’t come around to ask questions, they have moved on to the next applicant – this is why your online reputation has to be treated with care.  You never get a second chance for a first impression — virtually!

I often tell people, especially those that own businesses or are professionals, when you have a potential client/customer search you online – and they find negative reviews or content about them, unfortunately most will simply go on to a competitor.

In today’s fast paced society, many won’t take the time to determine Internet-fact verses Internet-fiction.