ThePresentThere’s no surprise that kids are glued to their screens, especially when it comes to video games.

As you start this short four-minute plus film, you may believe this is another young boy completely engaged in this video warfare.

Then enters mom…. and the story begins. It’s not what you expect and completely not what you will imagine. A must watch and definitely share this one forward with a friend.

Learn more about this amazing short film by visiting their Facebook page.

After watching the short film, you wonder, did this young boy find more friends in his virtual life than he had in his real life?

We have to think — was he left out of school functions or maybe teased because of his limitations? Was cyber-life easier for him?

What lessons can we as a society take from this? We are all different, but we shouldn’t have to be isolated because of our differences.

Technology is a great gift we have, especially for those with special needs.┬áBut we can’t allow it to limit people to a point that they are boxed in. Everyone needs a friend.

If you know someone that has created their life inside a device, go knock on their door — take them outside. Maybe out to lunch, a walk in the park – be that difference for them.

Be a friend. It matters.