BookPRivacyI am so excited to announce this book is finally here!

Theresa Payton, who I am honored to call my friend, and her co-author, Ted Claypoole just launched this informational and absolutely necessary book this past week.

Privacy in the Age of Big Data: Recognizing Threats, Defending Your Rights, and Protecting Your Family

With nearly 100% of us online today – you need to know who is watching you, how they are collecting information from you — and your kids.

95% of kids have access to the Internet (according to the latest PEW Study) – the other 5% are probably still in the womb somewhere (kidding), 80% of kids have cell phones and 48% of them have data plans (which is another topic).

This leaves many doors open for access to a variety of data that people (good and bad) would love to gather.

I encourage parents to get right into chapter six, The Spy In Your Pocket.  This chapter will help illustrate to your kids (especially teens) why their words and actions matter.

Theresa Payton is one of our countries leading cyber-securities experts.  She is the only female to hold the position of Chief Information Officer in the White House as well as dedicate much of her time to educating people around the country on cyber safety, online identity and digital citizenship.

Theresa was featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday, January 21st.  She discussed her new book with Jon Stewart and shared why we all need to understand that privacy is a big topic.  As one of late nights most popular political comedians, he is also someone that many watch – including myself.  It was an excellent segment, watch it below.

In St. Johns County, Theresa Payton is also part of The Community Empowerment Series!