SocialMedia55I was honored to be asked to be a guest contributor for My Jewish Learning and The Canteen.  It is the blog section The Foundation for Jewish Camp website with many great articles for parents to learn about a variety of life lessons of raising today’s youth.

I did a 3-part series on the latest study from McAfee’s Teens and Screens.


  • 59% of tweens and teens engage with strangers online
  • Cyberbullying has tripled, yet 24% of the respondents admitted they don’t know what to do in the event of online abuse
  • Tweens and teens are still over-sharing their personal information, with 14% admitting posting their home address

Part-one explores your child’s friends – digital friends!  With 59% of kids still engaging with strangers online, this is an important part of digital parenting.

Part-two is one of our country biggest concerns, cyerbullying.  Learn why kid’s don’t tell their parent’s they are being harmed online and read tips to strengthen your digital relationship with your child.

Part-three is over-sharing.  What you post online today will affect your future.  It is a fact.  Your online reputation will not only determine your college, it will all affect your future employment.

In conclusion raising a smart cyber-citizen online starts with wise parenting offline.  We need to constantly discuss digital citizenship with our children – before they are given any keypad, they need to understand the responsibility that comes with tech gadgets.

Literally – their future is at their fingertips. Keystrokes matter.