SID2015This year Safer Internet Day falls on February 10, 2015.  Like Data Privacy Day in January, it is an opportunity to spend a little extra time to learn more about a place where more and more people are spending the majority of their time – the Internet.

Online safety is a concern for all ages, not just children, it is also a primary concern for seniors that can be victims of cyber-scams as well as identity theft.

What can you do to help create a better cyberspace?

From tweens to teens to college students to young adults to parents to seniors, everyone needs to pause before they post.  This never gets old and is a mantra that needs to be taught before anyone is given a keypad.

It sort of goes with the old cliché think before you speak.   In today’s digital world, it is pause before you post – think before you send – or any other variety of ways we have seen it as a reminder to our keystrokes.

This can definitely help create a better cyberspace for everyone.

Another reminder for all ages that I believe is important, is oversharing.

Part of good digital citizenship is knowing what to share, where to share and using your privacy settings appropriately.

There is nothing more disturbing than watching people over-expose themselves online.  Whether they are letting people know they are vacationing (which is an alert for offline criminals) or parents that feel the need to overshare their child’s pictures with people that are not really their friends or they barely know.

Understanding that child porn is one of the largest growing businesses online may help parents to change their mind – hopefully it will at least help them to use their privacy settings and create selective lists that only include their close friends and family.

What will you be doing to help create a better Internet?  #SID2015 ?