As we enter the holiday season, kids, tween and teens will be spending more time online.

Recent studies from Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) that 81% of parents believe they know what their kids are doing online.  87% in this same study say they do have rules in place for technology use.

Talk with your teen face-to-face.

Talk with your teen face-to-face.

In my opinion, we can read these stats all day long, however unless we are conversing with our child offline and working with them online, it’s difficult to gauge exactly what’s going on with them in their virtual lives.

Parenting in today’s digi-life is completely different yet almost the same as it was a generation ago. 


Because we still need to be able to keep our lines of communication open – and no matter what generation we are in, chatting with a teen or tween can be a struggle, yet it’s imperative to our child’s health and well-being (online and offline).

If they’re not talking to you — who will they take up a conversation with?

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