WildernessVentures2Wow, I was thrilled and honored to be notified that I had not one, but two of my sites (Blog sites) listed in a recent Top 20 Parenting Blogs and Websites by Wilderness Ventures.

For over a decade I have been helping parents with struggling teens after my own challenges and experiences.  Years ago, while the Internet was in its’ infancy, there wasn’t a lot of information out there, however today–with a few keystrokes and clicks of that mouse there are literally thousands, if not millions of blogs and sites of all sorts of topics, especially parenting.  So I am especially proud to be part of this very prestigious list!

Veteran teen summer camp outfitter Wilderness Ventures recognizes top parenting websites and blogs in their first ever Top 20 list. Carefully selected by team members, these top 20 blogs and websites feature creative, helpful content for parents with teenage children.

Here is their press release from June 5, 2013 along with the other sites that received this honor:

Wilderness Ventures, the oldest and most experienced adventure travel program offering teen summer camps, is announcing their choices for the “Top 20 Blogs and Websites for Parents with Teens” for 2013. The blogs and websites selected by Wilderness Ventures are being honored for their innovative and creative content as well as their ability to offer parents and teens a personal connection and invaluable virtual resources.

Team members at Wilderness Ventures scoured the web to find bloggers that demonstrated practicality, creativity, personal engagement and fun in their blog while offering unique perspectives on being a parent of young children or teenagers. Criteria such as design, helpful tips and pointers, level of engagement, number of followers, and more, were factored into the final selection process.

Wilderness Ventures, who has offered teen adventure camps for more than 40 years, believes that active personal engagement and communication between parents and their teenage children are important factors for parents whose job is to teach the next generation of young adults. For this reason, Wilderness Ventures is choosing to recognize blogs and websites that they feel promote interpersonal connection between teens and their parents as well as shared resources between parents.

The list of top 20 blogs and websites for parents with teens included here, in no particular order:




















About Wilderness Ventures:

With more than 21,000 student alumni, Wilderness Ventures has pioneered outdoor adventures for young adults and has paved the way for youth travel around the world.  Their 40 years of experience, unwavering values of community, inter-personal growth, wholesome environments, safety, wilderness education, discovery, conservation, and exploration have led to their unmatched and trusted reputation. Wilderness Ventures currently holds special permits to operate their teen adventure camps in 20 National Parks and 17 designated wilderness areas with special permits.