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Say goodbye to selfies and hello to more meaningful relationships. Social media is where the majority of teens reside today. According to a new PEW survey, Teens’ Social Media Habits and Experiences, the majority of teens (81 percent) feel more connected to their friends because of social media and 68 percent feel as if they […]

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The importance of online reputation and your teen. The majority of young people (tweens and teens) are on social media ‘a lot’ and according to the most recent PEW Survey, 45 percent of teens (13-17 years old) are connected almost constantly which is up from 24 percent in 2015. We commonly hear how some apps […]

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Today almost everyone, not only teenagers, are connected to social media. A Pew Research Center study found that 92 percent of U.S. teenagers use social networks at least once a day, with 24 percent reporting that they are online “almost constantly.” Adults love their social media too. According to PEW Research Center study, 74 percent […]

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In a recent survey released by Vodafone, 43% of teens believe that cyberbullying is a bigger problem than drug abuse. So when we hear phrases such as, death by humiliation, it’s not a joke. According to this latest research: 41% of teens said cyberbullying made them feel sad, helpless and depressed 26% felt completely alone 18% experienced […]

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Facebook is the most popular and frequently used social media platform among teens; half of teens use Instagram, and nearly as many use Snapchat When I read that on the overview of the latest PEW Study titled, Teens, Social Media & Technology 2015, I did chuckle a bit.  I have argued that our youth are […]

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Your teens may be much more savvy when it comes to navigating the Web and mastering new technology, but they may not always be aware of the dangers that come along with online activity. Phishing is a type of internet fraud sent via email in an attempt to deceive users into sending or entering login […]

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When we hear about the tragic suicide of a youth, many authorities, family members and friends will go straight to their Facebook page to see if there were any warning signs. Is your teen acting withdrawn?  Secretive? Shutting down their screen as you walk by? Losing weight? Gaining weight? Changing friends?  Recent boyfriend break-up? Starting […]