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The little boy who used to beg you to take him to the park every afternoon or the sweet young girl who used to love riding bikes with you around the neighborhood is now a teenager who is, for all practical purposes, addicted to technology. As a parent, you probably feel like you see more […]

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It’s a fact, more people communicate through technology and I would venture to say, prefer the digital language over face-to-face communication! However there is one time that tech devices need to be STACKED and it is time to CHAT face-face.  It’s called family time! Let’s face it, finding time to spend face-to-face time with our […]

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Guest post by Ken Myers: When you think about teenagers you usually picture them with headphones in their ears and a phone stuck to their nose. However theses are often unhealthy and isolating behaviors that allow the teens to live in a world of their own creation. By exploring nature with your teen you can […]