Especially our teenagers.

Especially our teenagers.

Have you ever wondered as to why is it so hard to motivate some kids? As a parent, you might be thinking at times that the child will not care until the time, you twist their arms. However, sometimes despite all the efforts that you make, it is difficult to motivate the child.

It might be difficult initially but self motivation is the key to success and the child will be motivated enough to have a positive attitude towards life. Below are listed some unique tips that will guide your unmotivated teenager towards self motivation and help them build a positive attitude towards life.

1.) Do not let your anxiety push them to get motivated

In case you use your anxiety as a motivation factor, this can have a negative impact on the child. Teens who are unmotivated lot feel more anxious in case you build pressure on them. The best strategy to adopt here is to let them live their life and make them the best of their ability. Your child has some unique potential, be it singing, writing or painting. The need of the hour is to identify the potential of the child and help them work on it. You will end up having a unique potential in your home and you will feel proud enough to share their worth with others. Avoid being anxious and see the difference it makes to the life of your child.

2.) You need to be an inspiring lot

You might be surprised but the only way to motivate your unmotivated teen is to stop motivating them. Instead, you should be inspiring the teen, all the while. You can start by asking yourself if you are inspiring lot or controlling.

You should realize that your teenager will run the other way around if you are a controlling lot. Alternatively, you should think of someone who who has inspired you a lot in life. Remember the way they inspired you. Follow this strategy for your teenager and you will end up inspiring them.

3.) Let the teen make choices and face the consequences

You should allow the teen to make his or her own choices and let them face the consequences. In case they fare the wrong way and end up spoiling the initiative, they will face the consequence. Instead of interfering with their choices it is better to act as a guiding force and offer your creative suggestions only when required.

In case they make mistakes, you can pitch in and offer suggestions. They will listen to you and will be interested in being guided by you. This way you will be able to do hand holding and gain confidence of the teenager. The chances of the same getting eroded are quite high in case you pressurize the child to follow suit to your guidelines. Give them the freedom they deserve and see the positive ambiance it creates in their life. You can end up becoming true friend and an inspiring factor in their life and they will appreciate this long enough and listen to your suggestions in future too.

4.) Do some soul searching

In order to make the teenager self reliant and turn their negative vibes into a positive ambiance, you might have to do some soul searching too. Ask yourself some tough questions. Think on the aspects which help your teenager motivate themselves. Work on what they really desire and want. Think about their goals and aspirations. If you do some soul searching, you will come up with answers to these questions and will be able to guide your teenager on the correct path.

Listening is more important than speaking. Be a great listener and give your teenager a patient hearing. When you listen, you understand all the problems with more sincerity. This is what your teenager precisely wants.

5.) Stop blaming yourself and work on details

At times, parent end up blaming themselves for the problems that come in life of the child. This needs to be avoided at all costs and you should work on the shortcomings of the teenager instead of blaming yourself. Spend time with the teenager child and understand their priorities. You will be able to connect with them in a more aesthetic manner and understand what they desire.

Adhere to these facts and you will see that your unmotivated teenager will fall in line and work towards building up their attitude and confidence and end up as an positive and vibrant teenager who not only inspire and guide themselves but also act as a motivator for others around them.

Special contributor – Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut.