They answered the call – will you?

It’s not about the bullying any more, it’s about the constant attack and threat of negative and hurtful posts and comments that people make every day. Will you answer the call and take a stand against negativity?

#iCANHELP just released their latest video challenging us to stand up against negativity on social media.

It’s a reminder that every keystroke matters.  We have a choice with our words, our text messages, our posts and pictures.  They are all a reflection of who you are.  How you treat others is how others will eventually treat you.

Your digital footprint is always active even when you’re not.  When you are sleeping your friends can be on your social sites, how well do you know them?  What will you be waking up to?

It is smart to keep up with your privacy settings, but you also have to keep up with your virtual friendships.  Know who you are letting into your digital circles.  If you see someone harassing your friends, or posting ugliness on your social media sites, be sure you let them know it is not okay.

When you get the call that someone needs your help, will you be there?

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Remember, don’t change who you are or what you stand for just because you are online!