HatersBullying Prevention Month is over, but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking about the topic of online and offline cruelty that people use with their words and keystrokes.

We have already proven that sticks and stones can break our bones — and words can emotionally scar us for a very long time, however a song released by Taylor Swift is empowering people all over the world to #ShakeItOff.

When I listened to a recent interview with Taylor Swift, I was so impressed with how she came up with these lyrics and the background of this song.  I have always admired her as one of the leading role models for youths, however now she has captured my attention for more reasons.

Taylor Swift took the time to go online and read how people, all ages, are treating each other and it’s not nice!  As her song points out – haters are going to hate, hate, hate…

I recently wrote about this in my latest Huffington Post article, It’s Revealed: Cyberbullying and Online Cruelty Is Not Only Child’s Play.

It covers grownups treating other grownups online by:

  • face-shaming
  • fat-shaming
  • Internet-shaming
  • slut-shaming
  • Internet-trolling/cyberbullying

If adults and parents are acting this way, how can we expect our kids to behave any differently?

Maybe when you see this type of social behavior, you can learn to #ShakeItOff immediately rather than take take the time to feed those trolls – (aka adults behaving badly – or kids).  Of course there are times when you need to block and report – and if you are a child, always tell an adult if you are being harassed online.

I find it appalling the way grownups act online, the way people can torture others with their keystrokes – and literally destroy lives.  It can start out as what you perceive as constructive criticism, but eventually crosses over to cruel intent.  Do you know when to click-out, maybe even apologize and delete your comments?

A year from now that thread or forum will likely be forgotten, don’t let a few keystrokes ruin friendships too.  #ShakeItOff can be used in many ways – how will you use it?

It’s another conversation starter with your kids too!  Remember daily chats about their cyber-life helps them stay safer, healthier and happier both online and offline.  Offline parenting is imperative to digital safety. Short chats are better than no chats – start today – ask them if they like this new song, #ShakeItOff – be a cool parent.