There are experts and there are advocates in the bullying and cyberbullying arena.  Actually in many fields you will find experts and advocates.

When it comes to cyberbullying two of the leading experts, Drs. Justin Patchin and Sameer Hinduja, founders of The Cyberbullying Research Center, are undeniable the best in their field.

Cyberbullying is a concern for all parents, no matter what age your child is, learning digital citizenship in today’s society is as important as toilet training is to a toddler.  There is no questioning it – you have to be a proactive parent when it comes to online safety, security and privacy.

Teaching our children empathy and respect from a young age can help them when they start their digital lives.  Their behavior offline can frequently stream into their online keystrokes.  Just as we teach our kids to think before they speak, they will soon learn to think before they post and/or send.

Let’s fast forward to our teens.  The digital age has come upon many parents so fast and furious over the past few years that many didn’t have time to start the digital conversation.

Sadly, cyberbullying happens everyday.  The latest statistics show that 95% of teens have access to the Internet.  That is a lot of opportunity for vicious cyber-bullets to fly.

Our kids and teens need to be equipped to combat cyberbullying and on the same respect, learn how to become upstanders.

Words Wounds: Delete Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral is finally here!  This is the first book written for teens and tweens about the importance of standing up for themselves and others online.

It is more than a book, it is tool that parents, teachers and everyone can use that wants to learn  more about how to become proactive in defeating cyberbullying.  You will read dozens of true stories written by teens and includes reflective activities at the end of each chapter.

What are the activities?

7 self-reflective activities (one in each chapter), called “Status Updates,” to help teens reflect on the content presented in a fun and enlightening way. Additionally, frequent “Think About It” questions are interspersed throughout the text, which invite readers to analyze what they have read and compare it to their own previous and possible future experiences. Finally, several teen editors have reviewed sections of the book and the activities to ensure all of the information is relatable to a teen audience.

What makes this book unique?

• The first book written for middle and high school students on the topic of cyberbullying
• Includes dozens of real-life stories from teens
• Informed by extensive research conducted among adolescents for the last ten years
• Provides specific and clear guidance for teens to prevent and respond to hate and harassment
• Details numerous tried-and-true ideas to combat cyberbullying by promoting kindness
• Stands apart from other books in encouraging, empowering, and equipping teens to lead the way

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This makes a perfect holiday gift on its own or to accompany any electronic gadget your teen is getting this season.