Everyone is ready for summer and we know people of all ages love to share or sometimes overshare their summer activities with their online friends.

I have recently discovered a great way to define and archive your memories to better protect and re-visit what you did summer of 2015 (or other events you want to archive).

Guest post from GeckoLife, a platform created by parents with you in mind.

geckolifeA Gecko Summer: Social 2.0

We live in a world in which we have access to whomever and whatever we want, wherever and whenever we want it. We want reach, availability, speed and interactivity.

Fortunately (or not), we have a good dozen online tools that meet some of our needs, but not one tool that brings them all together into a single experience. Chat on some, share pics on others, store on others. Why can’t a tool live up to the adage “Less is More?” An app that combines postcards, albums and even a diary. Sure this sounds old school, but why isn’t there an online platform that does it easily in the advanced technological world of today?

After waiting for someone to give us what we need, we decided to build this platform tool ourselves, and it’s called GeckoLife.

Let me set the stage for what GeckoLife does. Social media platforms become addictive like chocolate. You desperately want it. When you are lazing around, you chomp at it. However, after bouts of it, it gets tiring and less delicious. In fact, it becomes harmful. Just like all things, too much of anything will have negative ramifications.

I remember I used to roll over in the morning before my alarm at 5:30am. I would grab my smartphone and browse through my social media feed. Who uploaded a pic of their holiday. Who shared what they ate for dinner the night before.

Who liked a picture I uploaded yesterday of my birthday dinner. Most importantly, how many people actually wished me happy birthday. This was back in 2012. I then realised, why did I care? Wasn’t the extra sleep more beneficial? Why do I care about whether a person from 10th grade whom I haven’t seen in 20 years was wishing me a “have a great day on your birthday!”

Let’s face it, social has been around in some shape or form since the early 90s with chat on our old Compaq computers. Accelerate 25 years and social communication is now entrenched in our lives with 3G/4G/WiFi coupled with (smarter) smartphones.

However, there is just too much frivolous social – where has the meaning gone? Why is sharing a picture of a bowl of spaghetti with 700 friends so important? Why does a selfie of me need to go to those 700 people? You get my point. Social is often adding no value. It is often pointless and a waste of time (but addictive).

This summer 2015, we hope people begin to change their behavior about their use of social media. Why not create social communication around more meaningful and defined events? Are you headed to Camp, Disney in Florida, a basketball tournament in Chicago or to see the Great Wall of China? Perhaps you are doing all of this these upcoming holidays. Instead of posting in one co-mingled timeline on the likes of Facebook or Instagram, or sharing pics on Dropbox or reverting to gold old email, why not create each of these as a defined event? Everything you do will not appeal to everyone, so define the audience you share it as well. Now, accelerate 5 years into the future.

Rather than see your atypical social feed where co-mingled content makes it difficult to easily find those wonderful 2015 defined events, wouldn’t you like a Life Library of Summer 2015? Today, everything is instant, in the now. On GeckoLife you create “Canvases” which are defined by subject &/or audience. This way you share what you want, with whom you want. Further, existing social media is not built for recall or archive if you want to revisit the pics/ video and comments around what you did during summer of 2015.

This is at the core of GeckoLife – filed, defined, archived.

Download the GeckoLife App today, and see what Social 2.0 is all about.

By Rajeev Gupta
Founder, GeckoLife